Welcome to my Web site

This Web site contains a record of some of my articles, speeches, interviews etc. from my 27 years as MP for Birmingham Ladywood and my work since I stood down from Parliament in 2010.

My current work is focused on the Palestinian/ Israeli conflict, the urbanisation of the poor and the need to prevent the spread of slums of despair, destitute asylum-seekers, humanitarian action in Africa and other issues. I share the views so clearly articulated by Lester Brown that there is a major threat to the future from climate change, population growth and shortages of food and water. I agree with him that disaster is avoidable but it requires major change.

I hope my blog and record of speeches etc. are of interest to others.

I would be interested to hear from anyone who wishes to leave a message - to do this you can click on 'Contact Clare Short' in the lefthand column.

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